Symphony Floor Standing Speaker

Captivate with clear, extended highs, and a midrange that not only breathes life into the music.

The Symphony

An honored tradition of which, Galante Audio has adhered since we began creating loudspeakers way back in 1992. Our goal, our mantra, our way of doing business is simple yet demanding: “To not only meet, but exceed the expectations of Galante Audio owners”.

Galante Audio Proudly Presents

We have earned the respect and admiration of audio enthusiasts, dealers, and reviewers worldwide for exemplary construction, finish, component quality, and most importantly, extraordinary sound reproduction. With this in mind, we proudly introduce our new flagship loudspeaker, the Symphony...

As in all models past and present, it, too, follows in the tradition of high sensitivity, horn-loaded compression driver, coaxial driver design, Galante Audio has become noted for.

Each Symphony enclosure starts with select furniture quality veneers bonded to void-free, 13 ply, 3/4" Baltic birch plywood. Precision computerized CNC woodworking centers are utilized for all stages of enclosure panel manufacturing, to maintain extremely tight tolerances and optimize production. During assembly, 1/8" solid, same specie banding is used on all top, bottom, and back edges, while radiused, 3/4" solid, contrasting hardwoods are used on the baffle board edges to create a striking "picture frame" appearance. This costly process provides strength and easier repair should these edges receive minor dings or scratches, and adds an aire of understated elegance and refinement. The enclosures are then finished in satin lacquer to protect and bring out the wood’s natural beauty and grain, and impart a rich sheen.

With the benefits of physical "hornless" horn technology introduced in our highly acclaimed Rhapsody monitor, the Symphony continues this concept in a full range, floor standing loudspeaker.

The Symphony’s drive units are quite impressive, too. The 12" coaxial woofer is built on a rigid cast basket with treated paper cone and treated fabric surround. It uses a massive 11 lb. motor structure and a 3" copper clad aluminum, edge wound voice coil. The I” exit, HF compression driver is just as impressive, with a 1.75" copper clad aluminum, edge wound voice coil, aluminum diaphragm, and a 4.5 lb. motor structure.

High quality polypropylene & polystyrene capacitors, resistors, and custom air core inductors are used in the crossovers. Vampire Wire CCC (Continuous Cast Copper) internal cabling and Cardas Patented Binding Posts offer superb sonic pathways and solid connections for the complex yet delicate music signals. As in all Galante Audio crossovers, they are "impedance stabilized" in the critical midrange area. This not only offers optimum S-ET amplifier performance, it provides optimum coupling to any quality, conventional tube or solid-state amplifier, giving the Symphony exceptional versatility.

Seek out a Galante Audio dealer and audition the Symphony. They'll thrill with effortless dynamics and deep, solid, articulate bass. Amaze with soundstaging, imaging, and coherence, in a way only a "point source" coaxial speaker can. Captivate with clear, extended highs, and a midrange that not only breathes life into the music, but reproduces voices and instruments so life-like, you'll raise your lighter at the end! It’s ok. Our dealers understand...| ... | ...copyright ©2019