Rhapsody Desk Speaker

The finest reference high sensitivity monitor in audio today

The Rhapsody

Recognizing the lack of small, true high sensitivity loudspeakers and a need for them, Galante Audio set out and created what we feel is the finest reference high sensitivity monitor in audio today. Introducing, the Rhapsody...

Galante Audio Proudly Presents

At 96dB sensitivity and only 18” tall, the Rhapsody is unlike any stand-mount monitor you’ve ever seen or heard. In keeping with the Galante Audio tradition of exceptionally life-like sound reproduction, the Rhapsody, naturally follows the tradition of coaxial driver design and their inherent strengths.

Starting from the outside in, each Rhapsody’s enclosure is solidly assembled from 3/4” 13 ply Baltic birch plywood This costly material was chosen for its’ excellent strength and stability - a feature proud owners of Galante Audio loudspeakers have come to expect from our top models! Before assembly is started, select furniture-grade real wood veneers are bonded to the Baltic birch plywood. Solid wood banding is also incorporated to protect all edges and further add an aire of understated elegance and refinement. After assembly, they’re finished in satin lacquer to protect and seal the wood and impart a rich sheen.

The same care and attention to detail lavished on our enclosures is extended to the Rhapsody’s crossovers. Assembly is done with high quality polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors, resistors, and custom manufactured air core inductors. Cardas patented binding posts are used for the perfect connection of binding post to speaker cable. Vampire Wire (CCC) Continuous Cast Copper internal cabling transfers the complex yet delicate signal along a sonically pure pathway to the drivers and ultimately - your ears. As in all Galante Audio crossovers, the Rhapsody’s are impedance-stabilized in the critical midrange area. This fine tuning not only gives optimum S-ET amplifier compatibility and performance, it allows the Rhapsody to integrate perfectly with conventional vacuum tube and solid-state amplification, making it a truly versatile loudspeaker.

If all this sounds impressive, we think you’ll be even more impressed with the Rhapsody’s drive system. Starting with the woofer, this massively built, high quality 8” coax unit features a powerful and robust 5.5 Lb. motor structure with a 2” edge-wound copper-clad aluminum voice coil. The basket is a rigid casting using a treated paper cone and treated fabric surround. If you’re thinking wimpy monitor bass, think again!

The 1” exit HF compression driver is no less impressive, with a 4.25 lb. motor structure, a 1.75” edge-wound copper- clad aluminum voice coil, and an aluminum diaphragm. Engineered to work together as a dedicated system and in combination with the crossover, the woofer and compression driver seamlessly integrate - becoming in essence, a point-source drive unit.

Seek out a Galante Audio dealer soon, and audition the Rhapsody. Hear smooth, airy, articulate highs, and tight, quick, extended bass providing the foundation vital to realistic sound reproduction. Experience incredible dynamics and their unique and uncanny ability to breathe life into your music. Listen to the midrange as it reproduces voices and instruments so faithfully, you feel as if you could reach out and touch the performers. Notice how you’re drawn into the music and find yourself listening, hour after musically satisfying hour. The smile on your face says it all!

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