Buckingham Loudspeaker

We are proud to introduce you to our Buckingham loudspeaker. 

The Buckingham

The Buckingham was designed for the discriminating audio enthusiast as a superb transducer designed to couple perfectly with the special requirements of low powered single-ended triode amplifiers.

Galante Audio Proudly Presents

Those requirements being; high sensitivity and a benign impedance curve. These two elements are the critical factors in achieving the "magic" that S-ET amplifiers possess. Without them, only a glimpse of their sonic virtues are realized. An added advantage of this design is the exceptional way conventional tube amplifiers sound. These are truly loudspeakers designed for a lifetime of listening pleasure!The enclosure of the Buckingham is assembled using 13 plv 3/4" Baltic birch plywood. This superior material was chosen for it's excellent strength and stability. There are less costly alternatives but enthusiasts who purchase the Buckingham expect and deserve only the finest. We agree.

Our veneers are no exception. They're selected from matched, furniture quality finishes then carefully seamed and applied by hand. We incorporate contrasting solid woods with a tasteful radius on the baffle board edges, creating a stunning "picture frame" effect. A feature you may not notice is the solid wood banding to help protect all exposed edges. After all assembly is completed, the enclosures are finished in elegant satin lacquer to protect and impart a beautiful sheen to the wood.Our quality and attention to detail however, is not skin deep. For what good would heirloom quality loudspeakers be if there sound was not as pleasing to the ear as they are to the eye?

Thankfully, we also paid great attention to the rest of this exceptional loudspeaker.The Buckingham crossover consists of high quality polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors, resistors and special air core inductors. Esoteric Audio binding posts and 14 ga. SHC-OFC cable allow the most delicate of signals to pass to the drivers as pure and faithful as possible. As with all Galante Audio crossovers, they are impedance stabilized in the critical midrange area for for optimum S-ET amplifier performance.Our coaxial bass units are superb low frequency drivers with massive 18 lb. 7oz. motor structures and edge wound copper ribbon voice coils. The HF horn loaded compression drivers are equally impressive, with aluminum diaphragms, 2.4 lb. motor structures and edge wound copper clad voice coils.

At 100dB sensitivity, the Buckingham will reproduce with authority, tight and accurate bass. Voice and midrange are reproduced in a most lifelike manner as well as sweet extended highs. You'll hear detail and speed, dynamics an transparency, all this with as little as 3 watts a channel!Audition the Buckingham soon. We believe that when you do, music will never sound the same way again!!

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